Do bears have hands? Can kangaroos outrun humans? What does the fox say? Who knows, but you're drinking.

blueTap any coaster to start
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In Jungle Scramble, your reflexes will be put to the test. To start, simply tap on the round shape in the middle of your screen. An animal picture will be chosen randomly, and a statement will appear below it. If that statement is true, perform the action agreed upon between all players before the game started. The last person to do so drinks. Our favourite picks:

- Clap your hands

- Raise your arm

- Slam the table and form a "hand pile" (more painful, but very convenient to spot the slowest player)

- Scream your lungs out (might not work in public places)

If a person performs that action while the statement was false, they also drink. If you graduated kindergarten you shouldn't have to, but you can verify the answer by tapping "Reveal" after every round.

blueIf it's your first time playing the game, click here to check the rules!